Securing Your Data With Document Management


The security of company data has never been more important. With constant threats to that security, it's easy to see why so many companies are looking for a better document management system. Here's a system that can protect your data better.

Loose Copies

When you have hard copies of all of your documents, there are many chances for people to steal them. As soon as they are printed, they can be stolen from the printer by anyone who wants the information- including employees. When they are filed, they are still in danger of being stolen. No one would notice if someone accessed a physical file and either took a document or photographed it to steal its contents. A better document management system is to make sure that most documents are never created in hard copy form. 

Filing Security

When your document management system is digital, it becomes a lot easier to secure it. Digital documents are filed digitally, and it's easy to keep some people out of certain documents. Setting up a system so that no one can access documents that they have no reason to access is a great way to make that data more secure. And because everything is accessed with a password, you have a clear record of who has accessed what and when they did it. This deters a lot of data theft, as it's far too easy to get caught with this digital system.

Misplaced Data

With a physical system of printing and filing, it's easy to lose a document. A customer may need to see a specific document only to be told that it's been lost. This can cost your company a lot of business. With a digital document management system, it's easy to keep all of your documents where they are easy to find for the correct personnel. Even if something is misfiled by accident, it can be found through a simple search. The documents are kept safe from being lost as well as documents being stolen and then claimed lost.

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