Security Includes Your MFP

badge printer

In your office security evaluation, did you include all devices? It's easy to remember computers, mobile devices, and other obvious network equipment.

But don't forget your printer! Printer hacks actually occur at many businesses, and maybe there's a reason for that. Recent polls show that over 45% of businesses ignore printer security at their company.

Printer security is a big deal, because all office data goes through the printer, and often the most important information is what you print out. Read on for more details about how to stay protected.

Match Security to Print Environment

Making the connection is the first step, but it goes beyond that.

Printer security must match your office device security. If you use encryption, transfer that to your printer. If you have careful password protection, consider that as well.

Make sure that your office security is reflected in your print environment.

Security Options with your MFP

Did you know that your mfp has the ability to take on security solutions? If your mfp is older, it might be worth considering an upgrade just to confirm that you have all the protections you can get. Below is a list of features you'll need for printer protection.

If you do have an updated mfp, you should ensure that you're using all the possible security protections you can, and not letting anything slip through the cracks. Here are the top ways to thwart a printer attack:

  • Password protection
  • Badge approval
  • Print encryption
  • Data purging

These options can help fix security issues and avoid potential printer hacks in the future.

Security Starts with Gobin's

Gobin's is the company to set up your security solutions, especially in your print environment. Don’t let hackers get the best of your business – protect every aspect of your company. Contact Gobin's today.