Should You Outsource Your Scanning?

scanning documents

Scanning is an important part of any workflow, especially now that paperless initiatives are becoming so popular. You don't want to be without a good scanning plan--but does that mean doing everything in-house, or would it be better to outsource the responsibility? Today, we'll help you decide what's best for your business.

Scanning like a Pro

Great scanning starts with excellent scanners. Today's machines can accomplish more than ever, allowing you to turn your paper documents into digital files that can easily be organized, stored, and retrieved--but how can you get to that point? For some companies, the answer is to outsource their scanning, while others prefer to handle everything in-house, and still, others choose a combination of the two. What's best for your business? Here are a few questions that will help you find out.

  • How many documents do we need to scan?

If your scanning jobs tend to be low-volume and low-intensity, it's probably best to keep everything in-house. However, if you find yourself constantly scanning, it might be better to consider outsourcing the big jobs so that you can take advantage of pricey equipment and trained professionals.

  • Are we prepared to handle indexing?

Scanned documents need to be organized in order to be efficient, and the truth is that it's usually easier to let someone else do this job. If your business is already equipped with optical character recognition software or other tools, though, in-house will make things easier.

  • What kinds of files do we usually scan?

Some businesses only ever scan regular-sized documents, which any multifunction device can handle quickly and easily. Other businesses, though, need to scan in sizes other than 8.5” x 11”, which is when outsourcing will allow you to benefit from large-format machines.

How will you handle your scanning? For more tips and help, or to change the way your company handles scanning, contact us today!