Small Steps to Document Scanning Success

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You've made a commitment to transition from paper-based processes and documents to digital document management. Scanning is an essential part of the strategy, so you'll need the right equipment and a well thought-out plan going forward.

Where to Begin

If you've been in business for more than just a few years, you're probably in possession of years of archived files. You may have even reached a critical point when you were forced to store old files in an offsite facility.

Don't let the thought of scanning those archived files hold you back from transitioning to paperless processes. After all, if you needed those documents on a regular basis, they wouldn't be stored at an offsite location. Instead, begin with your company's active files and plan to deal with those archived documents when you've got things well in hand.

Next up: the right device and document management system.

Choose the Best Device for Your Needs

For many organizations, a multifunction copier is the right device for daily scanning requirements. A conveniently placed multifunction system can allow staff members to scan and capture documents as soon as they enter your organization's workflows.

For high-volume scanning requirements, a dedicated scanner may be the preferred choice. With features like high scanning speeds, two-sided scanning capabilities, sharp image capture, and straight paper paths for thick media like ID cards, the right scanner can handle high-volume scanning requirements.

Choose Your File Structure and Format

Your commitment to go paperless will only be successful if you have a plan to manage and file your scanned documents. Choose a document management solution designed to capture and manage information from the moment it enters your organization. The right document management strategy will help you reduce your dependency on paper while creating a digital file storage system that's easy to use.

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