Taking Care of Your Copier

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Where would your company be without a good, reliable copier? A lot if not all of your workflow would probably be halted immediately, unable to get even the smallest task completed, and communication would break down within minutes. Copiers are crucial--so it's important to know how to care for them.

Tips For Happy Copiers

It's not always easy to make sure your office equipment is functioning properly and is kept safe from all kinds of risks, from spilled coffee to under-trained employees pressing buttons at random, but the first step is to make copier care a priority. That's no trouble at all when you're confident that you have the right copier for your business. Remember, when a copier fits into your workflow, it will solve problems instead of create them--and that's when you'll be motivated to take good care of the machine so that it takes good care of you.

Luckily, it doesn't have to be difficult to keep copiers happy. Here are a few painless tips!

Train your employees on copier functions and care.

Don't leave your copier in the hands of well-meaning but confused employees who might hurt more than they help. Instead, make sure that all workers are properly trained to use the copier, understand its functions, and avoid simple mistakes that can cause damage (like leaving sharp objects nearby, which might result in scratched glass and lower-quality copies).

Don't underestimate cleanliness.

Copiers need to be cleaned regularly in order to stay in top working order. Glass should be cleaned weekly and drawers monthly--and keep food and drink away from the machine at all times to avoid spills and crumbs.

Turn off the copier.

In this case, taking care of the copier is also taking care of the budget and the environment. When not in use, your copier should be off or in hibernation mode--that way, you save energy and money, all while supporting copier longevity.

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