Three Must-Have Technologies for Your Law Office


While your definition of "essential technology" may differ widely from that of your colleague down the street, there are a few technologies no firm should do without.

Don't Do Without These Three

Even if you're known for shying away from new technology, there are some basics you shouldn't be without. For most law practices, the following three technologies fall squarely into that category.

1. A Multifunction Printer

These office workhorses deliver the capabilities of four office technologies (copier, printer, scanner, and fax) in one space-saving device. Look for a multifunction printer with volume and speed capabilities that match your requirements.

2. Document Management

Law firms deal with massive amounts of information. Get a handle on it with a Document Management Program. Index, store, and retrieve your documents more efficiently, access them anytime and from any location, and keep them safe from intruders.

3. Scanning

Scanning is considered essential technology for most law offices, mainly due to the widespread acceptance of electronic filing. Scanning can help your team convert paper-based documents into digital format. Look for scanners with these features to get the highest return on your investment:

  • Scanning speed: This feature is described using a page-per-minute metric. Choose a speed that can keep up with your demand.
  • Automatic document feeding. A real time-saver, look for this if your firm has high-volume scanning requirements.
  • 600 dpi optical resolution. Generally speaking, 300 dpi is acceptable for text documents, while 600 dpi is the minimum for scanning images.
  • Network functions: Network connectivity is a must these days. Look for network functions that include scan to email, fax, folder, print, and more to get the most from your scanning capabilities.

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