Tips to Make Scanning a Breeze


Do you ever find yourself wishing that it was easier to scan important documents? Is it commonplace in your office to fight with the scanner? Well, you're in luck. Today we'll look at some tips and tricks to make scanning easier and more efficient than ever!

Scanning Basics

No matter what your company does, the scanner is probably pretty important for a little bit of everything. Whether it helps your communications run smoothly or makes sure you keep good records, that scanner is a hardworking part of your everyday processes--which means that scanning problems can be especially frustrating. The good news is that, by picking up a few simple tips and tricks, you can make sure that your scanning experience is always a good one.

PDF tips

The good old Portable Document Format remains one of the most commonly used formats in the workplace, simply because it limits compatibility issues and is fairly easy to deal with. However, when it comes to scanning, it's always helpful to remember that PDFs need to be compressed before sending. Although you might see a slight loss in quality with some machines, most devices will keep the PDF looking sharp.

JPEG tips

JPEG is the classic "photo format," and that's because it has a small file size, making it easy to share. This is thanks to a specialized compression technology that eliminates finer color details that our eyes won't pick up on--but if your image has text, then stay away from JPEG, or you might not be able to read anything.

OCR tips

Optical Character Recognition, or OCR, is a crucial part of many scanning processes because it takes an image and turns everything into text--which makes searching and saving possible. However, you might need to get extra software before your scanner can use OCR, so make sure to do your homework.

If you want to put your scanner to work for you with more tips and tricks like these, contact us today!