Using Your Wide Format Printer

Wide Format Printers

Wide format printers allow for a greater variety of print jobs over conventional printers. Whether you need to print posters, signage and graphics or you want to offer more capabilities to your clients, wide format printers get the job done.

Gobinís Inc. can help you determine which wide format printer is right for your business and printing needs. With multiple options available, wide format printing is a fantastic addition to any organization with versatile printing needs.

With your wide format printer, you will want to take some things into consideration before you print. Here are a few of the preproduction questions you should ask.

What is the goal?

Determining your audience and your message will help you plan your print job to have full impact. Starting with your ultimate goal for the print job will help you plan the best way to create your graphics and signage.

Where will it be displayed?

Knowing where your signage will spend most of its time will help you determine the appropriate stock choice. Will it be inside or outside? Will it be displayed long-term?

What is my budget?

Taking into consideration the previous two questions will help you figure out how much you want to budget for a particular job. Errors can be costly, so taking the time to weigh out your options will help you avoid mishaps.

Choosing the appropriate printer for your needs and your budget is key to successful wide format printing. Contact us today to get started with wide format printing. We have numerous options and can find the right printer for you.