We now sell Meridian's Personnel Management Kiosk!


The health and safety of your employees and guests are of the utmost importance, so you want to do what you can to ensure the best level of safety possible. The Meridian Personnel Management Kiosk is a tool that can help make that happen in your office.

Facial Identification

The kiosk has an 8-inch IPS LCD screen that is perfect for screening those who want entry to your office. The screen can be used for facial recognition with its high-tech recognition software. When you have new employees on board or new guests are expected, it takes just a few clicks to add them to the system. If someone who should not enter the office is detected, the unit can sound an alarm to warn personnel of the intrusion.

Temperature Checks

These days, temperature checks are the new normal. It's common to check the temperature of anyone entering a building or an office, but it can be expensive to employ someone to do these checks each day. However, that isn't needed when this kiosk is in place. There is a thermal scanner at the top of each Meridian Personnel Management Kiosk unit to make checking the temperatures of anyone within range fast and easy. And, because this is done at a distance, you don't risk any of your personnel coming into contact with someone who is sick. You also don't contaminate any instruments. Temperature readouts take only two seconds.

Durable Construction

The construction of each Meridian Personnel Management Kiosk is kept to a high level of quality for both durability and safety. The wide base plate with its rubber feet keeps the unit upright and firmly in place. The pedestal is made from extruded aluminum so that it's both durable and lightweight. It is light and compact enough that it can be placed anywhere and moved easily as needed. The antimicrobial finish applied to the base keeps it germ-free.

If you want better safety precautions for your office, consider the Meridian Personnel Management Kiosk. Call us today to find out how to get your own so your office can start assessing risk before employees and guests have even walked through the door.