What are HP PageWide Printers?

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If you're looking for a wide format printer that can help you achieve your company's goals while also saving money, protecting the environment, and delivering top-notch performance, look no further than the HP PageWide printer. Here's everything you need to know!

PageWide Power

In many ways, the HP PageWide is the darling of HP's product line. When you choose to add one of these powerful, impressive machines to your fleet, you'll benefit from a long legacy of quality, performance, and reliability.

Let's take a closer look at the HP PageWide!

What is it?

The HP PageWide is a printer that combines unrivaled wide-format capabilities with all the reliability you've come to expect from HP products. Some models are also multifunction, meaning that, in addition to handling vehicle wraps, banners, and other wide-format jobs, the machines can also copy, fax, and scan.

How does it work?

HP PageWide printers come with unique, built-in ink technology that makes them more productive, powerful, and cost-efficient than the competition. The machine was designed to intelligently and effectively distribute ink across paper--meaning that your wide-format print jobs won't have to hurt your budget. The HP PageWide also has a simpler design and fewer moving parts, which translates into lower maintenance costs and greater reliability.

What are the benefits?

With an HP PageWide, you can count on:

  • color consistency and vibrancy,
  • cost-effectiveness,
  • long printer life,
  • impressive functionality,
  • user-friendly features,
  • environmentally friendly printing,
  • and more.

If you're looking to create stunning, unrivaled wide-format prints while also protecting the environment and your budget, you couldn't do better than an HP PageWide printer.

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