What Does Managed Print Actually Do?


You've probably heard a thing or two about managed print, but do you know what it actually does? Let's take a closer look at the solution that's taking the business world by storm!

The Power of Better Printing

Managed print can save money, boost efficiency, minimize waste, improve security, and so much more--all without interrupting your workflows.

Now, that's a pretty big claim. What does managed print do to keep all of these promises?

The secret is the print audit. All managed print solutions begin with a print audit, which is exactly what it sounds like: you and your provider work together to analyze your company down to the very last printer, gathering data on usage habits, machine makes and models, printing costs, and more. Then, with all this data in hand, your provider helps you see where you're succeeding and where you might need a little help--and that's where the fun begins.

Here are just a few things managed print can do for you!

  • It will streamline your fleet.

Do you have outdated machines, unused machines, or machines you just don't like? Managed print will help you identify the weak links in your fleet and come up with efficient, budget-friendly solutions to get you on the right track.

  • It will simplify your supply habits.

If you find yourself running out of ink and paper because you under-ordered (or fighting through stacks of extra supplies because you over-ordered), managed print could be your new best friend. By analyzing your print habits and helping you understand your needs, your provider will make it easier to order the right supplies in the right amounts.

  • It will improve security.

Printers can be a big security risk without you even realizing it. Managed print helps you notice weaknesses in your security procedures--and, better yet, it suggests tools and targeted solutions that will keep your printers, data, and company safer than ever.

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