What to Expect When Starting a Managed IT Contract


The benefits of having a managed IT contract are too numerous to mention. In addition to saving office space and bringing in expert personnel, there is also the enormous cost savings over having your own, in-house IT team on the payroll. When you're ready to get started with managed IT services, just how will it work?

The Managed IT Relationship

At the beginning of a managed IT contract, you and the IT company are building a relationship. The managed IT partner will take the time to learn all about your company. They will need to know about the industry it is in and the compliance regulations that go with it. They will need to know the size of your company and whether workers bring their own devices and/or work from home. They will get to know your security practices and discover where any problems exist. They are laying the foundation for serving your company in the best possible way.

IT Strategy

Long-term planning is one of the keys to a successful managed IT relationship. Instead of simply fixing items when they are broken, a long-term plan includes your company's business goals and how IT can help you to reach them. It may be planning for company growth, upgrading the network overtime or any other goal that IT can help along. Today's IT relationships are built to stay in place and work with you to create a safe and secure network.

Level of Reliability

You can expect your managed IT partner to be a reliable service provider. There isn't much use in IT if it isn't there when it is needed. In fact, it is often needed quickly to deal with problems as they come up to keep the network from being down. Part of the strategy is to be there around the clock in case there is a problem that must be dealt with. The fast resolution of problems is the best way to keep the network in good condition.

If you're ready for managed IT services, call us today to find out how to get started. We are ready to form a strong relationship with your company to provide the services it needs.