What You Need To Know When Choosing a Managed IT Provider


The need for IT is constant, even when the network is running well. Instead of hiring multiple IT specialists, many companies outsource their IT to a managed IT provider. Here's what you need to know about a provider before you sign that contract.

Constant Monitoring

Computer networks aren't vulnerable only during business hours. An attack on your company's network can occur at any time, and your managed IT provider should be ready for it no matter when it happens. The provider you choose should have after-hours monitoring available as well as quick response times to threats. The network should be covered by constant monitoring to get ahead of any problems that are occurring before they get any worse.

Industry Experience

Does the provider have any experience providing managed IT services to other clients within your industry? Many industries are unique in their IT needs, and your provider should understand your particular industry's needs. If you aren't sure how much experience they have with small businesses in your industry, ask for a few references. They should be able to provide a few client names that you can check if you want to ensure industry expertise. 

Tech Support Level

What kind of level of support can the managed IT provider actually provide for your network? Can they respond quickly to problems that pop up in the network? Are there any problems that would simply be outside of their scope? You need to know just what kind of network help they can provide and whether they can give you an idea of how quickly they can respond to problems. With computer networks, having downtime costs business, so a provider that can respond quickly is one that can provide a better degree of assistance.

If your business wants to outsource its IT department for better oversight and a lower overall bill, contact us today to find out how to get started with managed IT services. We can answer your questions and tell you know you need to know about how our services work and how they will benefit your company.