Why Managed IT Services Isn't Outsourcing

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Although managed IT services is often called an outsourcing solution, the truth is that these are two separate approaches. Today, we'll explore the difference and why it matters.

Managed IT vs. Outsourcing

Before choosing any solution for your business, you naturally want to know exactly what to expect. This is especially true of tech solutions, which tend to be complex and full of highly detailed considerations.

The good news is that when it comes to managed IT services, a provider is always present to help explain various approaches and guide you toward the best decisions for your unique company. This leaves one significant question: How is managed IT different from outsourcing?


In most outsourcing solutions, you decide to put all your responsibilities and concerns in someone else's hands. While this is often a relief, it also comes with questions--like how exactly you're supposed to oversee and guarantee quality when processes happen in a third-party company. As such, outsourcing often means, in essence, "throwing the baby out with the bathwater."

Managed IT services

The key difference in managed IT services is the role of the provider, which is more like that of a partner. In managed IT, you select which elements of your IT environment to put in your provider's hands--like maintenance or day-to-day troubleshooting--and maintain control over anything you prefer to manage in-house. This creates a relationship in which you can rely on your managed IT provider to handle certain issues while only offering guidance on others.

Choosing your approach

For some companies, outsourcing is a perfectly fitting solution. Others prefer the balance of control offered by managed IT. At the end of the day, the best IT solution depends on your needs and goals, which means it's up to you to decide which feels like the more natural fit.


Although outsourcing and managed IT services are inherently similar solutions, they do have one significant difference when it comes to control. In managed IT, a provider is more like a partner, working with you to make decisions--while true outsourcing means putting all considerations in someone else's hands.

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