Why You Shouldn't Outsource Print Jobs

outsource in-house

There are a lot of options when it comes to print jobs, but one of the biggest is the choice between outsourcing prints and handling them in-house. Many companies think that outsourcing is the way to go, cutting out stress and cost. In truth, though, that's just not the case. Let's take a closer look.

The Benefits of In-House Printing

When you have the right knowledge and the right business equipment, outsourcing print jobs starts to look like an expensive and stressful choice. Why? Well, the truth is that, with tools that you probably already need on a daily basis anyway, you can do everything that a local print shop or online business could do--maybe more--all without extreme costs or lack of control.

To see just how big a difference in-house printing can make, let's imagine that you have one important print job to complete. You know you can either outsource it or do it in-house--but the outcome of each option would be wildly different.

Option #1: Outsourced printing

When you choose outsourced printing, the first thing you realize is that you're giving up control. The print shop only offers certain options and features--and some of them even cost extra. In fact, the whole job ends up expensive even though it's not complex, and if anything goes wrong, you'll have a hard time getting it set right without wasting more time and money.

Option #2: In-house printing

If you choose to do your print job in-house, you're immediately in control of size, color, quality, print volume, and more, plus you don't have to pay extra for it. You can make sure that you print the right amount every time, you can quickly fix any errors you notice, and you can limit the stress of relying on someone who isn't on the same schedule as you are.

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