Wide Format Boosts Visibility

wide format printer

It's true - you need an impactful, cost-effective marketing solution. With a good strategy, you have a starting point, but you need something that will boost visibility, create brand buzz, and bring in new clients.

Signs, banners, and posters, can all help - along with a robust digital strategy - but what if you want a big bigger?

Large banners, billboards, and wraps can have a major impact on branding and customer conversion. Using a wide format printer, you can create any of these items in-house while still building your company.

Read on for more about what wide format printers can do for you.

Wide Format for Any Industry

Get going with a big marketing message from your wide format printer.

Wide format is not just for building plans or proposals. The best use of wide format printing is for images, stories, brands, logos, and more. With options as large as 98 inches wide, you can create items for any presentation from a trade show to a mural, an outdoor banner to a vehicle wrap.

These products work for marketing companies, academic institutions, healthcare practices, agencies, tech companies, and more.

Wide Format Solutions

Wide format printing operates by using CMYK and ultraviolet ink, which is waterproof and fadeproof. This ink is both durable and able to print on many surfaces, so the opportunities are endless.

Wide Format Benefits

The benefits of wide format printing are many, but here is a short listing of what customers say:

  • Tell your story with images
  • Make your brand seen
  • Have a recognizable logo
  • Stand out by advertising anywhere
  • And more benefits - time to get started!

Be Seen

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