Win the Office Battle Against Clutter


Office clutter is in no ways uncommon; many office spaces have been plagued by it for years. But what is popping up all over the globe is the surprisingly clean, clear office with desks containing nothing but a computer and a few pictures of family. Wouldn't that be nice! There are tons of studies relating a cluttered home or office to increased stress and reduced productivity and creativity, so it's time to take that seriously. There are a few things you'll need to do to win the office battle against clutter.


Promoting decluttering among your employees is one of the first steps. Encourage a day where everyone goes through their desks and assesses what they truly need. Old meeting notes pile up, project descriptions, memos, and sticky notes. Figure out what is relevant and what is not. Now, the exciting thing about the "relevant" pile is that that doesn't have to stay on desks anymore, either. That brings us to step two.


Once all of your employees have those stacks of documents that still have a place of importance in their work, you begin scanning. Soon, your office is pristine. Visitors can enjoy it, and your employee moral will thank you for the boost. Now this is small scale stuff compared to all you can accomplish by scanning documents and organizing them neatly in a document management system. It doesn't have to end with employee desks. It can expand to eliminate filing rooms and all of the massive cabinets within; it can eliminate mounds of stress from your day to day work by making files easy to find. It's more than decluttering; it's boosting productivity.

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