Workflow Solutions to Protect Printers and Boost Efficiency


Can workflow solutions offer security and efficiency at the same time? These sure can! Here are a few pain-free solutions that will help you protect your printers and your workflows at the same time.


You shouldn't have to choose between security and efficiency. The trick is to find workflow solutions that do both at the same time--which, in turn, helps things like communication, finances, employee morale, and more.

Here are a few workflow solutions that wear a lot of hats--print security included!

Document Management

Document management is a great way to take control of your documents at every stage in their life cycle. Because documents and printers are so closely related, you'll naturally find yourself noticing printer problems, like security gaps both online and off--plus, you'll be able to strengthen workflows, cut out unnecessary steps, minimize waste, and boost efficiency.


If you're looking for a solution that improves security without adding extra hoops to jump through, encryption is your new best friend. By making data useless to users outside your business, encryption helps keep you safe in case of a breach--all without learning-curves or extra work for employees.


Taking a few minutes to assess your business is critical for noticing weaknesses, identifying inefficiencies, and checking progress on your goals. A self-audit is one of the easiest workflow solutions to implement because it can be done at your leisure, and you can control the information you look for and what to do with it.


If your printers are out-of-date or unreliable, the chances are that they're also a big security risk. By scheduling and budgeting for upgrades, you can make sure that your bottom line and your workflows don't suffer when it's time to choose a new machine.

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