Before You Lease Scanning Equipment


Leasing is a great choice for lots of companies, especially when it comes to scanning equipment. However, in order to make sure you're doing all the right things, there are a few questions to ask before you sign the paperwork. Let's take a quick look!

Leasing and Scanning

Regardless of what industry you're in, you probably rely pretty heavily on your scanning equipment. You need all the right capabilities without extra costs, too much maintenance, or a lot of stress--so that's why you chose to lease instead of buy. Leasing can help you get that scanning equipment into your workflow seamlessly and painlessly, but first, you need to make sure that the lease itself is exactly what you want.

In order to do that, you'll need to ask a few questions like this:

What happens at the end of the lease?

There are two basic types of leases. The first is a fair market value lease, which lets you return, purchase, or continue leasing the scanner in the end. The second is a "$1 out" lease, which means that, at the end of the lease, you will have full ownership of the scanning equipment. It's important to determine beforehand which option works best.

Can I modify the lease?

Whether you need to add more equipment to the lease or you want to upgrade your scanner, it's important to know how much flexibility your lease provides. Can the terms be modified, or are you locked in?

What is the real cost?

The real cost of a lease isn't just in the payments--it's also in other fees. For example, you need to know who will be responsible for maintenance or repairs, plus extra costs like filing fees.

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