Your Digital Office: Three Steps to a Successful Transition

There are scores of beneficial reasons to go paperless in the office. From reduced costs and enhanced document security to vastly improved productivity, it's impossible to miss the advantages.

  • Eliminate the hours wasted searching for misfiled documents.
  • Automate internal processes to save time.
  • Improve security and be better prepared for disaster.
  • Recoup the office space taken up by paper-based storage systems.

Moving Forward

Despite these obvious advantages, a clear plan for moving toward paperless processes is crucial to avoid costly missteps. Here are a few tips to make sure your digital office gets started on the right foot.

1. Keep it or shred it? Unless your company just opened its doors last month, you'll need to deal with a backlog of paper documents. Deciding which documents to shred and which you'll begin scanning depends upon three factors:

  • Date: Generally speaking, your business should retain records for seven years, but check with your tax accountant for your company's particular needs.
  • Compliance: Research the government compliance mandates that affect your industry before shredding any document.
  • Personal preference: Many documents will fall into this category. For example, you'll want to keep early documents pertaining to product development, business plans, and other key foundational documents.

2. The scanning process. Here's where it's critical to partner with a professional Document Management Program to make sure your document scanning and capture strategies are up to par. A strategic mistake at this point could easily create a bigger mess than the one in your scary back-office storage room.

3. Storage and retrieval. The best Document Management Software includes a robust storage and retrieval process that puts your documents at your fingertips while protecting them from unauthorized users and at the same time.

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