Is Your Office Like This?


Envision this, if you dare: paper stacked and piled everywhere, haphazardly cascading over desks, filing cabinets, and boxes, all sense of organization gone. Imagine nearly 40,000 files in disorganized chaos—so much paper that its sheer bulk threatens the safety of workers in an office where the floors have begun to bow under the weight of paperwork.

This isn't the newest installment in a fictional series about office work; this place exists. Worse still, it's a place that handles confidential and time-sensitive information. It's a Veterans Affairs Center in North Carolina, and it's the perfect example of how truly burdensome unmanaged filing systems—particularly paper-based ones—can be.

Let's examine how a scanner, a document management system, and some elbow grease could fix this nightmarish situation.

1. Digitize

Naturally, the first step is to get all of those papers and files into a readable, usable format. Digitizing with a powerful scanner (or ten) is the first place to start. With the right scanner and software, the VA Center would be able to digitize each page quickly and efficiently, even using text-recognition software to make the process faster.

2. Organize

The next step is to get all of those digital files into a document management system, complete with automation, keywords for easy searching, and document routing for fast processing.

3. Reinvent Processes

Finally, the VA Center can get back to its important work with new digital processes that will push important documents through processes quickly. Paper-based processes take too much time and, as the VA Center has seen, can cause serious problems. Replacing those workflows is key to future success.

It all starts with a scanner, but it ends with efficiency and productivity. Are you ready to implement this plan in your company? Get in touch today to make it happen.