What is Content Management?

You may have heard about content management from a friend or another business owner who recently discovered the ease of quality management systems, but you may still be a little unclear about what content management involves. Basically, it's a way of organizing your digital information so that its electronic storage is said to be managed instead of unmanaged.

Let Konica Minolta Help You Do the Big Print Jobs Yourself

Does your business use a lot of printed materials like brochures, flyers or presentation packets? If you do, how many times do you have to send someone to a print shop to make sure that one of those big orders is done properly? Every time you do that, not only are you giving money to another business, you’re also taking an employee out of the office and away from their duties when it’s time to pick up your order. By upgrading your office to include a Konica Minolta production print system, you’ll be keeping that work in-house, and saving significant costs for your organization.

How to Limit the Environmental Impacts of Printing

The costs of printing can quickly cut into your company’s budget, but there is often more to it than just the price that you pay for things like printer paper, toner or ink, and maintenance. Many companies today are starting to realize that there is also an environmental cost to all that printing and they are taking steps to reduce the impact that business operations have on the community and the world through print wise solutions.

Wasted Printing Costs

Many companies don’t ever add up all the costs of printing, but they can be staggering, even for a small office.

Our Technology Partners

We partner with all of the best manufacturers, providers of quality products geared towards successful and effective business practices.  We strive to provide you with the finest options for workflow efficiency, content management, environmentally friendly program, digital and print information, network hardware and so much more. Some of our manufacturers currently include: 

•    Canon
•    Konica Minolta
•    Kyocera
•    Lexmark
•    HP
•    MBM

PrintWise Will Streamline Printing Processes

PrintWise is an assessment method by which we help your company gain knowledge on the efficiency of your printing process output, and ways it can be improved. Using PrintWise, we can help streamline printing processes where needed, improving efficiency Your IT employees who might otherwise have to stop and work on system issues are now freed up to work on other projects. Managing all MFP’s and desktop printers under one program, PrintWise can offer incredibly low cost-per-print, often leading to savings of up to 40%. 

Going Green Saves Money and Space

Every company has, at one point or another, run out of space for the countless documents that have to be held onto for records. There is information that simply must be kept, and it accumulates, taking over every corner and shelf with binders and filing cabinets. Not only is this inefficient space wise and costs money in paper and ink, it is also environmentally detrimental to print so many documents. 

Documents Management – Solutions that Provide Security

Even large businesses experience challenges when it comes to storing documents. The average filing cabinet has thousands of pages of paper. These are documents that are related to your clientele and their accounts. There may also be information stored in your office about your employees. Onsite storage includes the consideration of security. It is your responsibility to keep your clients sensitive information protected.

Budget-Friendly Print Options – Track Your Spending

Small and large businesses have a lot in common, as far as goals are concerned. Making profits and succeeding in their industries are two of these goals. Evaluating the way that you operate can help you to achieve your objectives. It is important to know how much you are spending on both operations and supplies. Print activities are done by every business no matter what the field. It is possible to spend 1%-3% of your annual revenue with this activity alone.


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