Wide Format Printing Comes of Age

Wide Format Printing

Wide format printing is one of the fastest growing forms of imaging technology. With new advances in digital technology, marketing and product lines have brought exciting opportunities in the wide format printing sector.

A Vastly Simpler Process

Analog and screen-printing processes were time consuming and expensive in both materials and labor.

Creative Uses for Shredded Paper


Even with increased efforts to go paperless, most offices still need to find a place for outdated or unneeded paper documents. Correspondence and junk mail, both in the office and at home, should be shredded if they bear your name or any other sensitive information. But what to do with all of that shredded paper?

Try This!

Recycling is always an option for shredded paper, but there really are other creative ways to reuse those seemingly useless piles.

Beware of Toner Pirates!

Toner Pirates

You'll need to keep on your toes to avoid getting scammed by toner pirates. (As if you don't already have enough to do, right?) The Federal Trade Commission estimates that toner pirates are scamming businesses out of an estimated $50 million annually. The reason these scams keep going (and growing) is that most people don't see them coming.

Document Management

Document Management

Talking about worst-case scenarios is tough. When you care about your business, you want to believe in the future you are working towards, not entertain notions of disasters that derail your plans. However, proactively preparing for the worst -- natural disasters, massive technology failures, and so forth -- can help you ensure your future will come to fruition even if the hypothetical becomes a reality.


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