AccurioPress C7100/C7090

Digital Press
Manufactured by:
Konica Minolta
Rethink agility with the newest CMYK cut-sheet toner press, the AccurioPress C7100 and C7090.


  • Amazing Image Quality - 3600 (equivalent) x 2400
  • Up to 400 gsm Media At Full Engine Speed
  • Inline Trimming And Finishing For Advanced Automation
  • Automated Closed-Loop Quality Management System
Make an impactful impression - one after the another - as your opportunities continue to grow with a press that works smarter, not harder. Optimize your print performance, offer advanced and creative print possibilities (including excellent quality imagery in full bleed) and see your business flourish! Deliver more jobs with added value effectively and serve more customers efficiently, empowered by our innovative technologies that move your business towards increased success.