Océ VarioPrint 6000 TP TITAN

Black & White
Digital Press
Over 100 prints/minute
Manufactured by:
The Océ VarioPrint 6000 TP TITAN is optimized for the accuracy and security demands of transactional and direct mail environments, including corporate data centers, direct mailers, and service bureaus where business-critical customer communications are the backbone of the organization.


  • Four print speed models
  • Océ Gemini Instant Duplex Technology — one-pass, two-sided printing
  • PRISMAsync Print Server with intuitive user interface
To handle the underlying processes of business critical information, companies need to rely on print systems which are built from the ground up to meet the demands in high-volume transactional printing. The Océ VarioPrint 6000 TP TITAN models offer true convergence printing with the ability to instantly switch from on-demand document production (PDF, PS, PCL6) to transactional printing (IPDS or SRA PCL6)2 and support a wide variety of media. The Océ VarioPrint 6000 TP TITAN Series digital presses are available in four print speeds models: Océ VarioPrint 6330 TP, the Océ VarioPrint 6270 TP, the Océ VarioPrint 6220 TP and the Océ VarioPrint 6180 TP with speeds of up to 320, 266, 216, or 177 letter impressions per minute.