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Three Ways Document Management Can Help Your Business Go Green

Document Management

Document Management is well known for the successful delivery of some sizeable advantages, including improved organizational efficiency, more office space, and cost reductions as high as thirty percent. These three benefits alone are well worth further investigation.

But That's Not All

Another advantage many businesses have discovered is Document Management's ability improve environmental sustainability.

Go Paperless with Document Management

Document Management

Despite concerted efforts to go digital, we're still using paper at unprecedented levels. Even with readily-available technologies that allow end-users to bypass paper processes, 85% of office documents are still printed on paper.

We've Got a Long Way to Go

The Paperless Project has gathered some sobering statistics about paper usage in the United States.

  • Paper processes are still in. 70 to 80% of business processes still rely mainly upon the printed page.

Three Ways Document Management Can Help Your Company Succeed

Document Management

Paper document solutions are quickly becoming a thing of the past, and for good reason. If you're still on the fence about electronic Document Management, consider the following ways it can make your life easier, one document at a time.

1. Stop Paying to Store Paper

Physical paper storage solutions take up a lot of valuable real estate. Consider:

  • Papers encroach upon your desktop workspace, cluttering your mind and delaying projects.

How Clutter Hurts Your Office

Document Management

Clutter: a collection of things lying about in an untidy mass. Doesn't sound too positive, does it? The research about clutter and how it impacts the brain and hence the work environment is extensive and not to be ignored. In an article by Mikael Cho, he depicts a job which he truly enjoyed, but the story spirals downward as clutter takes over. Meeting notes, magazines, important documents, memos, sticky notes, business cards, on and on and on. It's a bit of a nightmare.

Why Paper is Putting Your Company at Risk

Document Management

There was a time when we all thought that the internet was the security risk to our businesses. With every new thing, there is fear attached; until we fully understand how things work, we tend to be afraid of them. Today, though, there's another, much more subtle risk in our offices that could compromise your company's security. It's not mobile devices, it's not desktop computers, and it's not the internet: it's paper.

You heard us right: paper poses a security risk. Not sure you're tracking with us? Here's how.

Where Does Document Workflow Break Down?

Document Management

Everyone is talking about workflow these days, with good reason. Efficient and strategized workflow can revolutionize your company, especially if you're struggling with productivity and competitiveness.

Although most of us understand the basics of document workflow, it's important to delve deeper to understand the areas where workflows can fall apart. Here's document workflow 101.


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