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The Paperless Accounting Firm

Document Management

If your accounting firm took a wait-and-see approach to adopting the paperless office with a document management system, you weren't alone. With no measurable data to prove that document management was a good investment, many firms decided to stay with tried-and-true paper-based systems until more data was available.

The Results Are In

Innovators who took the risk on document management have some good news to report: the paperless office reaps both efficiencies and savings, and on multiple levels.

Document Management

Document Management

Talking about worst-case scenarios is tough. When you care about your business, you want to believe in the future you are working towards, not entertain notions of disasters that derail your plans. However, proactively preparing for the worst -- natural disasters, massive technology failures, and so forth -- can help you ensure your future will come to fruition even if the hypothetical becomes a reality.

Tips for Document Management in Mid-Sized Businesses

Document Management

Every day businesses have a variety of paper documents, electronic files and emails go through their offices. It is not normal for them to follow a disciplined document management strategy, so things typically end up in filing cabinets and shared network drives. This is fine until a problem needs to be solved. Things can get hectic and unorganized very quickly, making it difficult to locate what you need.

Commonly Asked Questions about Document Management

Document Management

Moving towards a paperless office is beneficial to both businesses and the environment. However, some offices find that maintaining their electronic documents is cumbersome and overwhelming. Document management systems are designed to help businesses create a better filing system, boost productivity, and save money. Here are some commonly asked questions about document management.

What is Content Management?

You may have heard about content management from a friend or another business owner who recently discovered the ease of quality management systems, but you may still be a little unclear about what content management involves. Basically, it's a way of organizing your digital information so that its electronic storage is said to be managed instead of unmanaged.

Going Green Saves Money and Space

Every company has, at one point or another, run out of space for the countless documents that have to be held onto for records. There is information that simply must be kept, and it accumulates, taking over every corner and shelf with binders and filing cabinets. Not only is this inefficient space wise and costs money in paper and ink, it is also environmentally detrimental to print so many documents. 

Documents Management – Solutions that Provide Security

Even large businesses experience challenges when it comes to storing documents. The average filing cabinet has thousands of pages of paper. These are documents that are related to your clientele and their accounts. There may also be information stored in your office about your employees. Onsite storage includes the consideration of security. It is your responsibility to keep your clients sensitive information protected.

Stay Ahead of the Competition with Document Management Solutions

In the last installment Going Green: Updating Your Document Imaging Technology, we discussed the advantages of implementing a green strategy by updating old and inefficient printers, copiers, scanners and MFPs. If your company has already taken those steps of updating your printer fleet, what else is there? Considering upgrading to a comprehensive Document Management solution, so your company will experience an even greater ROI. Need some motivation? Consider these advantages of a competitive Document Management Solution:


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