Three Must-Have Technologies for Your Law Office


While your definition of "essential technology" may differ widely from that of your colleague down the street, there are a few technologies no firm should do without.

Don't Do Without These Three

Even if you're known for shying away from new technology, there are some basics you shouldn't be without. For most law practices, the following three technologies fall squarely into that category.

Is Your Office Like This?


Envision this, if you dare: paper stacked and piled everywhere, haphazardly cascading over desks, filing cabinets, and boxes, all sense of organization gone. Imagine nearly 40,000 files in disorganized chaos—so much paper that its sheer bulk threatens the safety of workers in an office where the floors have begun to bow under the weight of paperwork.

Win the Office Battle Against Clutter


Office clutter is in no ways uncommon; many office spaces have been plagued by it for years. But what is popping up all over the globe is the surprisingly clean, clear office with desks containing nothing but a computer and a few pictures of family. Wouldn't that be nice! There are tons of studies relating a cluttered home or office to increased stress and reduced productivity and creativity, so it's time to take that seriously. There are a few things you'll need to do to win the office battle against clutter.


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