Hardware as a Service

hardware as service

What is Hardware-as-a-Service?

Hardware-as-a-service is the concept of leasing office equipment and the maintenance of the equipment from another company. Gobin’s offers hardware-as-a-service because we believe in providing our customers with the best products on the market continually. There are many benefits to selecting hardware-as-a-service as an option for your company to make hardware management in your office simpler for you. Here are some of the main benefits to hardware-as-a-service.

Avoid Initial Big Investment and Make Budgeting a Breeze

When looking at it from a financial angle, hardware-as-a-service is a great option for many businesses because it allows them to avoid the large (and sometimes unexpected) expenses associated with investing in brand new office equipment. Instead of buying a new product and being responsible for it, you can select an option that’s right for you with the confidence that when things go wrong, you’ll have maintenance support there right away. Also, since there is a regular monthly fee, you can budget for your hardware costs more easily and reduce unpredictability.

Stay on the Forefront of Technology

Investing in office equipment can be a great option, but for businesses with changing needs or a desire to stay on the cutting edge of technology, hardware-as-a-service can be a great option. Instead of buying a machine that is yours long after it fades from new into obscure, you are able to upgrade to the most modern and best models regularly.

Maintenance and Security Options

The maintenance component to our hardware-as-a-service options means that businesses know exactly who to call when something goes wrong with their equipment. We are available and ready with a team of tech experts to help you address any and all issues with your tools. Additionally, you’ll enjoy the benefits of having trained professionals around to help you optimize your security options and ensure you have the most up-to-date equipment with the best security settings.

Additional Managed Services

At Gobin’s we can help with a variety of managed print services, including:

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