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Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems are vital tools in managing and regulating the usage of a company's resources. They encompass two key facets: physical access control and digital or logical control. Together, these two aspects work in harmony to bolster security and mitigate potential threats.

Physical Access Control:
- Replaces keys and deadbolts with access cards or ID badges
- Controls access to physical spaces such as buildings & floors

Logical Access Control:
- Limits control to digital assets
- Computer networks, servers, files, data, and more

family of the verkada security camera products
verkada security camera on a building wall outside

Real-Time Visibility

Verkada's Access Control Systems provide immediate transparency by seamlessly combining with video security. This integration offers users a holistic view of all activities across their sites. This merged system gathers crucial data that can be leveraged to obtain a detailed understanding of events at each location. The Access Control Systems also offer precise monitoring and tracking capabilities, using advanced software algorithms to record user activity

Remote Management

Verkada's access control systems equipped with advanced remote management features. This allows secure control over doors, schedules, and settings from any device, courtesy of our cloud-based platform. It centralizes user permissions management across various locations or devices. Plus, the real-time monitoring capability ensures immediate alerts in case of any unusual activity. The remote monitoring feature also eliminates the need for physical presence
for software updates or issue troubleshooting, enhancing convenience and efficiency.

verkada security camera on a glass ceiling
verkada security camera on a building wall outside


Our platform lets you add innumerable doors, credentials, and buildings for effective organization and management. You can centrally oversee your entire system from one place, with no restrictions on the number of components you can incorporate. This feature not only empowers you with complete control over your security system but also facilitates effortless scalability as per your requirements.