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Sharp Aquos Boards

Unlock Your Business Potential with the Sharp Aquos Board: An Interactive Display for Productive Meetings.

Sharp Aquos Board on the wall of an office meeting room

More Engaged Meetings

Using a Sharp Aquos Board during office meetings can make more employees get involved. With a special pen, people giving presentations can write on the screen and use different colors to highlight important stuff. This helps everyone understand what the company is trying to do better. This special screen is also good for meetings with clients. It helps clients understand the main ideas of the presentation. Whether showing building plans or talking about money, the Sharp Aquos Board is a helpful way to get people interested.

Versatile Performance

The Sharp Aquos Board has lots of ways to make meetings more interesting. People who aren't in the same place can join the meeting online and watch videos together. Many people, whether they're in the same place or far away, can use the board at the same time. This helps companies find lots of ways for their workers to work together.

There's also special computer programs that can change the smart board to fit what a company needs. These programs help companies work better and show different things on the board.

Sharp Aquos Board on the wall of an office meeting room

Built better, for
better business.

The Sharp Aquos Board helps you connect with your coworkers and clients in meetings. It can connect to other machines that can do many things (MFPs) to print slides from the board. You can also get pictures from these machines and show them on the board. With a special pen, you can change documents right on the board and send them to your coworkers or clients right away. These things make it easy to have good and useful meetings with the Sharp Aquos Board.

Sharp Aquos Board on the wall of an office meeting room