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Security Cameras

At Gobin's Business Solutions, our primary aim is to bolster your business's success. We continually explore cutting-edge methods to increase productivity and guarantee business continuity. We've teamed up with Verkada to offer top-notch security surveillance systems, designed to enhance your business's physical security. These dynamic, high-powered systems not only provide a variety of solutions to bolster security but also identify opportunities to boost efficiency.

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Verkada’s Industry-Leading Surveillance Technology

Gobin's Business Solutions presents Verkada's cutting-edge surveillance technology, perfect for businesses of all scope and sectors. From small-scale medical practices to large university campuses, we provide the optimum video surveillance system tailored for your needs. Verkada's intelligent design ensures efficient bandwidth usage, guaranteeing high-definition footage even in low network connectivity environments. This feature remains unaffected by the number and location of the installed cameras, ensuring clear and reliable surveillance at all times.

Feel Safe with Verkada Security Cameras

Equip your enterprise with a Verkada security system from Gobin's Business Solutions and gain a dual advantage - valuable insights into your daily operations and enhanced security. These state-of-the-art cameras capture high-definition images when movement is detected, allowing users to sift through recorded footage with ease. Use filters to identify individuals based on clothing color, gender-specific attributes, or even facial recognition. This cutting-edge technology proves invaluable when addressing security concerns.

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Enhanced Protection

Gobin's security systems are designed to help businesses of all types and make protecting them simple. Accessing surveillance footage and data is made easy with Command, their centralized and secure management system. Command is a robust system which can execute numerous commands and complete valuable tasks that other leading security systems cannot perform.

Access Video Feeds
Anytime From Anywhere

Verkada's powerful system gives you the flexibility to assign specific roles to staff members, allowing or restricting access to certain camera recordings and information. Additionally, an automated audit trail is kept to monitor who has been reviewing the data and the time they accessed it, further bolstering your company's security.

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