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Scanning Services

Gobin’s Scanning Services offer businesses the ability to digitize their important documents, thus allowing for an increase in office space
and improved workflow efficiency.

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Why Digital Documents?

Gobin's Document Scanning Services are really helpful for offices that have too many filing cabinets or places to store documents. These big storage units can slow down work because people spend too much time searching for papers. Plus, keeping important documents in boxes can be a security problem because anyone in the office can access them.

Document Security

Opting for Gobin's document scanning solutions can enhance document security significantly. By obviating the necessity for filing cabinets, digital documents can be fortified with password protection, ensuring that only authorized personnel can access and retrieve files swiftly and remotely. The digitization of files through scanning services contributes to the facilitation of more efficient office operations and streamlined workflows.

Seamless Scanning Services

Gobin's Scanning Services present businesses with a streamlined procedure. Initial physical document retrieval from the office is followed by their transportation to a secure on-site scanning center, where they undergo meticulous cataloging and are assigned individual tracking numbers for the subsequent digitization phase. A team of scanning specialists meticulously assesses the scanned images for quality and proper orientation before securely disposing of the physical documents. Digital files can then be conveniently delivered through USB drives, secure links, or hard drives, with the option of cloud storage serving as a secure and advanced document management platform for effortless access to the newly digitized files, eliminating the need for local storage.

two people reviewing business documents
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Secure Document Scanning

The primary focus of the document scanning service team is to ensure the absolute security and confidentiality of documents and their associated information. To achieve this goal, multiple security measures are implemented throughout the scanning process. Gobin's avoids outsourcing the document pick-up, with drivers proceeding directly from the office to the scanning location without any detours. Access to the scanning site is tightly controlled and requires a keycard held by authorized personnel with proper clearance; this keycard access is limited to select employees.

In cases where files contain highly sensitive data, such as social security numbers or credit card information, they are securely stored in a locked vault room within the restricted scanning facility. This fortified environment, coupled with additional security protocols, ensures the highest level of confidentiality for all documents. Additionally, the scanning team comprises experts well-versed in compliance standards, including HIPAA, and they utilize their extensive knowledge to guarantee that documents remain both secure and compliant with relevant regulations.