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Scanning Services

Gobin’s Scanning Services offer businesses the ability to digitize their important documents, thus allowing for an increase in office space
and improved workflow efficiency.

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Why Digital Documents?

The use of Gobin’s Document Scanning Services can be highly beneficial for offices that possess multiple filing cabinets or storage spaces dedicated to documents. Such filing cabinets are known to cause inefficiency as employees spend a large amount of time searching for the required document and also occupy a considerable amount of space within the office. Furthermore, having important documents stored in boxes raises security concerns since it allows anyone in the office to access said information.

Document Security

Utilizing Gobin's document scanning services can provide improved document security. Eliminating the need for filing cabinets, digital documents can be password protected to ensure only relevant users have access to files and are able to retrieve them immediately and remotely. Digitizing files with scanning services helps promote streamlined workflows and office efficiency.

Seamless Scanning Services

Gobin’s offers Scanning Services that provide businesses with a seamless process. Physical documents are picked up from the office and transported to an on-site, secure scanning center where they are cataloged and given individual tracking numbers for the digitization process. Scanned images are then reviewed for quality and proper orientation by scanning specialists before being securely disposed of. Digital files can be delivered via USBs, secure links, or hard drives and cloud storage is also offered as a secure advanced document management platform for easy access to newly digitized files without having to store them locally.

two people reviewing business documents
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Secure Document Scanning

The highest priority for the document scanning service team is to guarantee that documents and their related information remain secure and confidential. To this end, several precautions are taken during the scanning process to ensure security. Gobin's does not outsource pick-up of documents and drivers travel directly from the office to the scanning site without any stops. Access to the scanning site requires a keycard with proper clearance which only select employees possess.

If files contain highly sensitive information such as social security numbers or credit card information, they are kept in a locked vault room within the restricted scanning facility. This secure environment, along with other security measures, ensures the utmost confidentiality of all files. Furthermore, the scanning team consists of experts on compliance standards such as HIPAA, who utilize their advanced knowledge to ensure that documents remain secure and compliant.