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Promethean Activpanel Boards

Enhance the traditional classroom setting with an interactive Promethean Activpanel Board and observe increased student interest.

teacher using interactive display to teach in a classroom

More Engaged Meetings

Promethean Activpanel Boards serve as a valuable tool for educators within the classroom setting. They are available in a range of sizes, starting from standard dimensions and going up to 86 inches, allowing them to cater to diverse classroom sizes and requirements. Utilizing Promethean software and applications, teachers can streamline their lesson plans and elevate their presentations, resulting in improved student engagement and retention thanks to the advanced interactive whiteboard technology, surpassing conventional projection methods.

Enhanced Classroom Collaboration

Promethean Activpanel Boards are meticulously crafted to elevate the classroom learning environment for both students and educators. These boards empower up to six individuals to collaborate concurrently, fostering interactive student-to-student and student-to-content interactions. Instructors can readily solicit feedback from students through their smartphones, laptops, or tablets, with the responses promptly displayed on the board. Furthermore, the boards enable remote subject matter experts to engage directly with students, enhancing the depth of their understanding. These collaborative functionalities play a pivotal role in maintaining consistently high levels of student engagement across the entire course curriculum.

students using interactive display at school

Interactive Displays

Promethean Activpanel Boards represent a cutting-edge technological tool coupled with a user-friendly interface. These boards incorporate a digital pen that facilitates swift and visual edits, offering a range of color and font options to highlight critical discussion points. Following the lecture, users have the flexibility to either clear the board or preserve the screen content as a PDF, facilitating distribution to students for subsequent review. Additionally, the customizable attributes of the Promethean Activpanel Board empower teachers to tailor interactive whiteboard functionalities to align with their unique classroom requirements.

teacher using a interactive display board in a classroom