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Multifunction copiers are the epitome of cost-effectiveness when it comes to office equipment. Their compact size belies their extensive capabilities, making them a fundamental asset for businesses, large and small. This all-in-one equipment offers a wide range of services from printing at a speed of 20-240 pages per minute, to copying, scanning, emailing, and faxing.

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Customize Your Solution

Each business possesses distinct printing requirements, and we at Gobin's ensure that these specific needs are met. By choosing to collaborate with us, you benefit from a seasoned team of professionals who are adept at matching your business with the ideal multifunction printer. Plus, our top-tier support services ensure the equipment remains in optimum condition. A well-suited multifunction printer can significantly lower business expenses and enhance productivity across all workplaces.

Key Integrated Features

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High Quality Prints, Fast Speeds

Our Multifunction Copiers (MFPs) deliver outstanding print results, whether in color or monochrome, ensuring that every image is of the highest quality. They offer professional finishing options while maintaining impressive speed and performance. The range of MFPs we provide are capable of managing print speeds between 20 and 240 pages per minute, ensuring efficient productivity.

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Document Scanning

State-of-the-art scanning technology efficiently digitizes double-sided documents in a single run, significantly enhancing productivity and minimizing the risk of document misfeeds. Once scanned, documents can be conveniently dispatched through various digital channels such as email, FTP, network folders, fax, and other digital sharing platforms. Outstanding OCR features also enable the conversion of text documents into a format that can be easily read by machines. (With a scanning speed of up to 240 Images Per Minute and a processing speed of up to 110 Pages Per Minute)

Integrated Applications

Leveraging unified, tailor-made applications, enterprises can capitalize on the efficiency-boosting features of software from one main printing hub. Custom applications designed by third-party providers can revolutionize your Multifunction Copier (MFP), turning it into a powerful communication portal that provides rapid and extensive access to essential business data. With the added bonus of 5x Workflow Management and over 150 custom applications, your MFP becomes an indispensable business tool.

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Secure Data and Print Capabilities

In the current business landscape, multifunction printers (MFPs) are taking on a larger role in office operations. This increased functionality necessitates a parallel focus on security to ensure the safe handling of both user and business information. It is crucial for companies to secure their sensitive business data effectively, and this includes data and print security as fundamental aspects of document workflows. MFPs are designed with an array of built-in security features to maintain the integrity of critical information. These features include AES 256 Advanced Encryption and 10x Overwriting Routines, providing robust safeguards for your valuable data.

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Brands You Can Trust

Gobin's partners with the best names in the office technology industry. With selections from three top global brands, our superior and reliable machines are packed with features that are helpful for every user. We'll build you a custom solution without the restriction of providing only one manufacturer.

Award-Winning Service

At Gobin's, our commitment to exceptional service is unparalleled. Our team is rigorously focused on offering a personalized touch to cater to the specific requirements of your multifunction copiers. We go the extra mile to ensure your business and its equipment are operating at peak performance.

•  Diamond Level Service Provider - BEI Services
•  Guaranteed call back from a technician within 60 min.
•  Guaranteed 4-hour response time for an on-site technician
•  A fleet of industry-certified service technicians

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