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Document Management

Managed Print Services can be utilized to enhance business performance and decrease expenditures. Analysis of printing systems by Gobin's is recommended in order to pinpoint areas for optimization.

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Document Management
for Business

In the modern era of business technology, numerous companies handle their day-to-day operations using cloud-based platforms and mobile apps. Yet, traditional paper documents continue to play a vital role in routine business tasks. Businesses relying on outdated systems invest substantial efforts to cope with their shortcomings. Consequently, it is imperative for organizations to implement a proficient Document Management System (DMS) to enhance streamlined business processes and boost overall effectiveness.

What is Document Management?

Document management, often referred to as DMS, represents a technology-driven approach that empowers organizations to leverage digital tools for the acquisition, storage, administration, and monitoring of digitized content originally in paper form. By employing document scanning equipment, specialized software, or enterprise-level applications, businesses can transform hardcopy documents into electronic formats. This conversion facilitates instant retrieval, streamlined processes, and enhanced decision-making capabilities.

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How long does it take you
to find a document?

The significance of time as a precious resource is widely acknowledged; nevertheless, businesses frequently discover themselves investing substantial amounts of minutes, if not hours, in the pursuit of pertinent data. Such a scenario can result in missed chances and the squandering of valuable resources. To address this challenge, it proves advantageous to welcome the digital transformation by shifting towards a paperless framework. This shift not only boosts efficiency but also leads to cost savings.


Document Management Features

Enterprise Content Management (ECM)
Capture & Workflow
Desktop & Document Editing
Output Management
Document Security