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Defining 'secure' within your organization's context is a crucial initial step. A comprehensive security framework acts as a strategic outline, pinpointing your present security status, your target state, and the necessary measures to close that gap. Without this framework, it's challenging to accurately evaluate your organization's information security.

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EDR (Endpoint Detection & Response)

In the world of cybersecurity, hackers often use lateral movement between endpoints to breach and gain access to your business's most crucial assets. Regrettably, several security measures fall short in identifying these activities as harmful, leading to late detection and possibly devastating outcomes.

For a robust defense against these covert attacks, continuous monitoring of endpoints is essential. With our EDR solution, we constantly lookout for any indications of abnormal activity that might hint at an ongoing attack. This allows us to detect, isolate, and disarm potential threats before they can cause harm to your business.

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SIEM (Security Information & Event Management)

In the face of constant emerging threats, effective cybersecurity measures require a comprehensive understanding and visibility of the log data generated by businesses. Distinguishing between routine activities and events that could indicate potential threats can be a complex task.

That's where our SIEM solution steps in. It excels in providing automated log ingestion and analysis, identifying possible risks across all client databases. This robust system is backed by our team of dedicated 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC) professionals, ensuring your business remains proactive and resilient against evolving cybersecurity risks.

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Risk Assessment & Dark Web Monitoring

Explore potential weak points and hidden risks that could expose your company or clients to cyber threats. Engage in meaningful conversations with your clients, backed by dependable data.

Our thorough security risk assessments allow clients to quickly recognize security flaws within their systems. With these valuable insights, you can guide your clients' corrective actions and prioritize preventative measures to continuously enhance their security stance.

Invest in our outstanding risk assessment and dark web monitoring services to guarantee continuous protection and resilience of your organization and clients against the constantly changing realm of cyber threats.

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Cloud Application Security

Countless small businesses depend on Microsoft Office 365 for the formulation and dissemination of crucial data, making it a prime target for cybercriminals.

Just as harmful activities on endpoints can slip under the radar by appearing as 'normal' user operations, it is crucial to carefully monitor Office 365 usage for any unusual behavior that may indicate an ongoing breach. Moreover, it's vital to have a strong response system in place to promptly tackle any identified threats.

Rely on Gobin's Cybersecurity solutions for vigilant supervision and management of your Microsoft Office 365 environment. We strive to protect your organization's most valuable assets

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Security Policy Management

A strong security policy is the bedrock of any solid cybersecurity strategy. Many businesses need help in creating and implementing personalized security policies that align with their specific operational needs.

At Gobin's Business Solutions, we leverage industry-leading practices in our Security Policy Management service to assist businesses in creating accurate user profiles and risk scoring tactics that mirror their security needs. We provide continuous monitoring to identify and address potential security loopholes, ensuring long-term protection and resilience of your digital assets.

Investing in our top-notch Security Policy Management service is a strategic move towards achieving the highest levels of cybersecurity for your business.