Mobile Printing

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The Future is Mobile

Increasingly, mobile devices have a larger role to play in business. Smartphones have become a mobile desk of sorts where employees and business owners can accomplish most of their work with a few taps of their thumbs. Your business can stay in-step with the mobile trends by setting up systems for mobile printing that will allow your employees to print easily from their mobile devices. Gobin’s can help set up systems so you and your team can print from your iPads, Kindles, smartphones or any other mobile device they’re working from. 

Keeping It Secure

As always, Gobin’s number one priority for your business is security. With any system we establish, we prioritize ensuring that your documents are only accessible by the people you want to access them. Opening up printing to mobile devices can be a great way to increase efficiency and connectivity in your office, but it’s important to consider these safety aspects:

  • Document Security:
    Many printers store every document that passes through their system. In this age of technology, some even send copies to the Cloud. Just because the print job is coming from a mobile device doesn’t mean it will only ever be accessible by that same device, so consider this before you print. We also recommend talking to staff and employees about security so they know to take it seriously.
  • Network Security:
    As with all computers and servers connected to your office Wifi, mobile devices also become part of your office network. This means you must be careful about the risks of malware and hacking for each device you’ve connected.
  • Mobile Security:
    As stated above, talking to employees about security concerns is vital. Trusting someone to connect to your network using a mobile device should be taken seriously and monitored. Employees who aren’t using the processes responsibly should be removed for the safety of the company.

Additional Workflow Solutions

At Gobin’s we can help with a variety of workflow solutions, including:

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