March 31, 2023

4 Scanner Features to Make Your Life Easier

document scanner on konica minolta copier

Today's businesses are scanning more than ever. Why? The increase is likely due to how often companies need to digitize documents.

Scanners can be forgotten in the plethora of other office equipment, but they're increasingly vital to your company's productivity. You may be getting by with a base model scanner now, but with a few extra features and functions, your business's productivity can go through the roof. Here's how.

Dual Side Scanning

Older or less sophisticated scanners can often only scan one side of a document, making it complicated or a downright hassle to scan two-sided documents. Choose a scanner that features a two-sided feeder for originals to make everyone's life that much easier—and speed up those big scanning jobs.

Job Building

Some smaller documents can't be put through an automatic document feeder, including items such as checks, receipts, and time cards. These things often need to be scanned, however, and job building can make this easier. With job building, you can scan individual smaller items and then combine them into a single PDF file to send to your computer.

Enhanced Security

Security is a top priority for every business these days, and your scanner should be pulling its weight. When you scan confidential or sensitive documents with a scanner, you should have the option to encrypt or password protect your scanned file. Choose a scanner with this kind of security to keep your information safe.

Easy and Customized File Naming

Many companies used a shared scanning folder to receive all scanned documents. This can get confusing if you rely on a scanner that generates generic file names for every document. Today's high-quality scanners often come with an option to customize your document's file name, making it easier to find later.

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