March 31, 2023

Document Management: Tips for Going Paperless

people working on a tablet reviewing documents

In today's business landscape, going paperless isn't just an important way to protect the environment--it's also a huge step forward in cost-efficiency.

Document Management in a Paperless World

Unfortunately, you can't flip a switch and immediately stop using paper. The truth is that going paperless is a process--one that should give you room to transition in ways that make sense for your needs. That means any document management system or tip you employ must be capable of bridging the gap between physical and digital documents for as long as that gap exists.

Here are a few tips to help you make the switch without feeling rushed or disorganized:

  • #1: Prioritize.

Remember, you don't have to go paperless all at once. Instead, identify the files you use most frequently and digitize those first. This helps you gradually shift into online solutions and structures while still creating significant benefits.

  • #2: Shred.

As you're prioritizing and digitizing your files, don't overlook their physical counterparts. These papers can often be shredded to eliminate security risks and free up storage space in your workplace.

  • #3: Organize.

Paper files are difficult to organize--but without a solid approach, digital documents can seem just as frustrating. That's why it's important to create an organizational framework and use it consistently as you digitize documents. Think about things like accessibility, user access control, naming conventions, and more as you create this approach.

  • #4: Create rules.

Rules are a good way to make sure your paperless journey goes according to plan. For example, you could set expectations for which documents need to be printed and which should be created, shared, edited, and stored completely online.


Going paperless is a good way to boost efficiency, improve security, and even save money, but it isn't something you can do all at once. Instead, you need solutions that bridge the gap between physical and digital files until you've had time to fully transition your approach.

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