March 31, 2023

Managed IT Tips: Data Backups vs. Business Continuity

Cyber Security Lock on a Computer

When discussing key cybersecurity topics, two related concepts are likely to be mentioned: data backups and business continuity, Each are vital in its own way.

Managed IT Services: Understanding Key Cybersecurity Elements

Cybersecurity is a complicated topic. It changes every day, making it infamously difficult to truly grasp--which is why many companies may feel frustrated when trying to choose approaches for an ever-shifting landscape. Although solutions like managed IT services can help, what's most important is the ability to analyze and understand key cybersecurity elements.

Data backups and business continuity are particularly good examples of this because, although they're important for your overall approach, they can be frustrating to research due to their similarities. Here's a closer look at each:

Data backups

A data backup refers to the storage of data in a secondary location, including a data backup center, a different part of your workplace, or even the cloud. The goal of a backup is to act as a "copy" of your company's data that can be retrieved in case the original version is lost or destroyed.

However, a data backup itself is passive; it offers no guidance on how to recover after such an incident or which steps should be taken in what order. That's where business continuity is more helpful.

Business continuity

Unlike data backups, business continuity solutions are generally plans that help your company navigate unexpected events. These plans tell you which steps to take, how to communicate during data disasters, and how and when to access your data backups. The goal of a business continuity plan is to help you resume critical operations as quickly as possible after an incident.


Although cybersecurity is an ever-shifting landscape, companies can navigate it with confidence as long as they know the basics. A particularly good example is the difference between data backups and business continuity. While they have certain similarities, they aren't interchangeable, and both deserve a place in your overall cybersecurity approach.

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