March 31, 2023

New Phishing Scams: Emails From Your Boss

computer with phishing warning on the screen

When you see an email from your boss sitting in your inbox-especially if it's the CEO of your entire company-your first instinct is to open it, right?

Modern Scams

As employees and Internet users become savvy about what to look for and what to avoid, today's cyber-criminals are forced to get savvy. They're constantly coming up with new ways to steal your most sensitive information--and now, they've invented a new kind of scam: an email from your "boss." The problem with these emails is that they often look legit, and, as an employee interested in keeping your job, you're inclined to open the message, respond appropriately, and attach the requested information. Luckily, you don't have to fall for the trap. By implementing managed IT solutions and spreading awareness in your business, it's much easier to spot and dodge these phishing scams.

Here are a few things to look out for:

  • Emails requesting sensitive information

The whole concept of phishing is built around getting you to provide sensitive information, click a malicious link, or open a suspicious attachment. Be savvy when it comes to sending sensitive information to anyone.

  • Typos and bad grammar

Everyone makes a typo now and then, but phishing scams are usually full of them. Before taking any action, do a quick grammar check to see if an email or message looks legit.

  • Suspicious websites

The problem with suspicious websites is that they're not always suspicious at first glance. Digital bad-guys are good at replicating trustworthy sites--so if you have any suspicions at all, it's safer to manually type the URL into the search bar.

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