March 31, 2023

Understanding Security with Managed Print Services

desktop printer in office

You're probably aware that MPS can offer multiple benefits, you may not have considered that any print approach could also have security advantages.

Managed Print Services Security

For the most part, print solutions are focused on simplifying and streamlining your print environment--and managed print services is no exception. However, managed print also offers certain security benefits; some managed print processes also have secondary benefits related to security improvements.

For example, a managed print services provider may help you choose the best security settings on your devices--a direct security benefit. The provider may also create a schedule for software updates; in this case, the focus is on minimized downtime and streamlined processes--but security is an indirect benefit because updates are vital for protecting your devices.

However, it's important to understand what managed print services does and doesn't offer in terms of security. Here's a simple breakdown:

What managed print services does

Generally speaking, managed print helps you identify strengths and weaknesses in your print environment. This includes an overview of security issues and vulnerabilities. A provider can help make specific changes to target those vulnerabilities, helping you structure your environment in a way that protects data without sacrificing productivity.

What managed print services doesn't do

Although managed print is involved in certain technical elements of your company, it's not an all-inclusive IT solution. That means non-print-related vulnerabilities and processes won't be directly addressed, and complicated technical work will still be left to in-house teams. A managed print services provider also doesn't make decisions for you, which means you'll always have the final say when it comes to security.


Managed print services can provide vital security improvements to your print environment, but it isn't a cure-all. It's important to understand what you should and shouldn't expect from a managed print provider so you can get the most out of this partnership--and so you know where to focus your additional security efforts.

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