Print Cost Containment

cost containment

Getting Control Over Printing

A sheet or two here, a sheet or two there doesn’t seem like a big deal, but wasteful printing can add up fast! Gobin’s strives to help businesses reduce paper through document capture and document management systems, but we still understand that businesses will always have a need to print. We are here to help make sure that the projects that do need to be printed are being tracked and monitored to save your business money.

A Culture of Conservation

Setting a precedent for reducing printing is one excellent way to contain your printing costs. Setting a company goal of reducing printing or instating rules-based printing are ways to emphasize to your staff the importance of being selective about print projects. This cultural shift in your office can make a big difference on your bottom line.

Monitoring Made Simple

Gobin’s has a wide variety of printers that make it easy to monitor printing. This can help you see where the most resources are going and find areas to reduce. Monitoring printing can help you assess:

  • Who is printing the most
  • Who has access to print
  • What kinds of projects are being printed
  • What settings are being used (printing in color or black and white, for example)

Productivity and Control

At Gobin’s, we are dedicated to the success and productivity of your organization. Gaining control over your printing and containing costs is another way to save resources and make sure your employees all have a clear understanding of the organizational objectives and initiatives at the company.

Additional Workflow Solutions

At Gobin’s we can help with a variety of workflow solutions, including:

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