Printer Security

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Are Your Documents Secure?

When it comes to security and your business, you’ve probably been very proactive. You have locks on the doors, passwords on the computers, and systems for monitoring who is coming and going. But how much are you investing in your printer security? Do you know who can access which documents? If the answer is “no,” it’s probably time to reconsider your printer security strategy.

Know Who Has Access

First and foremost, it’s important to know who can access the information on your printers. You will want to evaluate who has access to and uses the printers in your offices. Also, if your printer doesn’t use a password or an ID to allow usage, it may be time to consider instituting some new security measures. It’s also important to review the user list to delete or remove access from old users who no longer need it. Past employees can be removed in order to protect your business’ privacy.

Know What Documents are Being Printed

Did you know that when you print a document using a multifunction printer that an image of everything that is printed is stored on the hard drive? It’s important to clear off these hard drives periodically. Also, consider if the following types of documents have been printed recently:

  • Financial records
  • Documents with official business watermarks or proprietary information
  • Private plans or projects
  • Human resource documents with sensitive employee information

Know If Your Network is Secure

Gobin’s can help you assess your network security to make sure access to your printer is restricted to only those you want to be able to see things. We will check to make sure old computers aren’t still on the network and update everything so it is working smoothly and securely.

Additional Workflow Solutions

At Gobin’s we can help with a variety of workflow solutions, including:

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