When Security Comes First

Running a business comes with a lot of budgeting and financial work. Invoices, receipts, account balances, and other sensitive information regularly get printed out for analysis. However, having all of these documents on the loose can expose businesses to external risks. Are you sure you and your customers’ information is safe?

Shredding Made Easy

Gobin’s offers a wide variety of shredders suitable for any office. Some offices rely on shredders purely for paper disposal. Our reliable devices can destroy documents and have the power to also tear through staples and paperclips too, reducing jams and time spent removing these items. They can also destroy credit cards, helping your office stay financially safe by getting rid of old or compromised cards. 

Protection Beyond Paper Documents

For tech companies, sometimes paper security just isn’t enough. Gobin’s also offers other destruction equipment that can make old hard drives unreadable. These shredders are able to punch holes through hard drives to ensure that any sensitive information that remained on laptops, computers, or notebooks is destroyed easily. These machines are safe to use and designed with our customers in mind. They are guarded with safety shields to prevent debris from the destroyed material from getting out of the bin. With the flick of a switch, old data is deleted, and your company can move forward with peace of mind.

Automated for Ease

These shredders provide our customers with an easy-to-use machine that is ready to help destroy outdated documents or hard drives with sensitive information. They are also designed with smart technology to avoid jamming or overfilling. Some of our models come with power shut-off features that turn them off when the bin is ready to be emptied.

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