Three Document Management Benefits for Small Businesses

If you've wondered whether or not your small business can afford to convert to a digital office, the question you should be asking is this: Can you afford not to?

A Perfect Match

Small to medium businesses are uniquely poised to benefit from an electronic Document Management solution. With resources often stretched to their limits, SMBs who make the transition to digital processes have discovered benefits that outweigh any perceived downsides. Here are the advantages most often realized:

Use Your MFP to Slash Paper Consumption

Use Your MFP to Slash Paper Consumption

Despite all the buzz about paperless initiatives, we're not doing a very good job on follow through.

Statistics reveal the sobering truth; office workers still go through 10,000 sheets of copy paper each year, and nearly 45% of the documents printed in our offices are thrown away by day's end. Even worse, nearly half of paper documents in filing cabinets are never accessed after filing.

Digital Wide Format or Offset? Which is Right for You?

Have you looked into wide format printers but aren't sure of the difference between offset and digital printing? Check out our guide to discover the critical differences.

Offset Printing

This century-old process uses the four-color printing system (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) to create high-quality color prints. Images are transferred from plates onto a roller, which then transfers the oil-based ink directly onto the media. The advantages include:

What to Look for in a Document Management System

Making the move from paper-based processes to electronic Document Management is a major turning point for your company, but the decision to break up with paper is just the beginning. The system you choose to get you there is the next crucial step in the process.

The Must-Haves

Converting paper files to digital formats won't be a step forward if your files are still unorganized and difficult to find. You may save money on document printing, but that's about all you'll gain.


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