Small Steps to Document Scanning Success

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You've made a commitment to transition from paper-based processes and documents to digital document management. Scanning is an essential part of the strategy, so you'll need the right equipment and a well thought-out plan going forward.

Where to Begin

If you've been in business for more than just a few years, you're probably in possession of years of archived files. You may have even reached a critical point when you were forced to store old files in an offsite facility.

Is It Time to Upgrade to a Multifunction Printer?

It's amazing what a new mfp can do for your company's workflows, and if you've been getting by with the bare minimum, it's time to consider an equipment upgrade. Here's what you've probably been dealing with—and what you'll gain!

Out-of-Date Printers?

Keeping out-of-date equipment around because it's still working isn't such a good idea. From the high cost of downtime and workflow bottlenecks to data security issues, it's not worth the risk.

Three Document Management Benefits for Small Businesses

If you've wondered whether or not your small business can afford to convert to a digital office, the question you should be asking is this: Can you afford not to?

A Perfect Match

Small to medium businesses are uniquely poised to benefit from an electronic Document Management solution. With resources often stretched to their limits, SMBs who make the transition to digital processes have discovered benefits that outweigh any perceived downsides. Here are the advantages most often realized:


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